How To Employ People For The First Time? Advice For First-Time Employers

So you’ve decided that the time is right to employ someone. You may even have the person in mind and allocated them a corner of your desk. How do you make sure that everything is in place without spending a fortune on expensive legal fees?

As a bare minimum you must have Employers’ liability insurance, register with the HMRC, provide written term and conditions (normally in the form of a contract of employment), request evidence of their right to work in the UK and consider any health & safety issues. And, of course, pay them a salary!

Employers’ liability insurance can usually be arranged with whoever handles your other business insurances. As an alternative, your home insurance provider may be able to help.

Written terms and conditions or a contract must be agreed within 2 months of the employee starting. Remember big is not always beautiful when it comes to contracts. Stick to the basics and make sure they are written in clear English.

The contract must contain reference to the job title, salary, hours of work, start date, notice periods and usually includes other information like place of work and your expenses policy. A brief outline of the grievance and disciplinary procedures is also a good idea – even if it only refers to current ACAS guidelines.

Even small businesses – maybe especially small businesses - should consider including a non-solicitation clause to prevent employees from running off into the sunset with your clients or fellow employees.

If you are considering employing somebody for the first time and still have some unanswered questions please give the team at HR Circle a call and we will be happy to help!

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